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Civil Engineers Become Planning Engineers | Important Role of Planning Engineer | Planning Engineer in 2022

Civil engineers become Planning engineers in 2022  who apply economic models and engineering methods to projects.

Find out more about the planning engineer job description, roles, and responsibilities in a construction company. They work in a variety of fields, such as civil engineering, construction, real estate, and oil.

Civil Engineers Become Planning Engineers

There is not too much difference between Planning Engineer and  Civil Engineer both are knowledgeable about all the civil engineering branches and their role in the construction field. It is possible that a Civil engineer becomes a Planning engineer after completing the course.

If we discuss the role and responsibility of Planning Engineer and  Civil Engineer is mainly working environmental like Planning Engineer is mainly for regulating site after execution plan in the office where a Civil Engineer start their work directly from the construction site and maintenance all the construction procedure and quality of work is also a responsibility of the civil engineer.

Work of Planning Engineer In Construction

Become  Planning Engineer After Civil Engineering it is most important to know the role of planning engineering construction site or job Details of  Planning Engineer.

It is expected that the planning engineer is on-site throughout the entire construction process to provide solutions to any problems. Construction professionals such as site managers, surveyors, and engineers ensure that the project runs on schedule and have the necessary materials and equipment.

Working in dynamic environments is comfortable for them. Because construction execution is done day as well as night including various environments so most of the staff members are comfortable with any environmental situation and complete construction on time as per schedule.

For projects, planners determine which engineering and construction practices are most appropriate and economically viable. In addition to being present on-site during the build, they are involved throughout the entire development process.

During the planning stage of a project, the planning engineer is responsible for determining a schedule and ensuring all timelines are met as per the schedule.

Besides developing strategies, determining material and labor costs, monitoring crew performance, ensuring health and safety regulations are observed, and keeping communication between various team members on the construction site, they also support engineering teams in the delivery of projects on time.

Job Title In Planning Engineer

Following are the job titles or designations;

  • Junior Planning Engineer
  • Site Planning Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Lead Planner 
  • Planning Manager
  • Project Control Lead

Quality of Junior Planning Engineer

  • Must have Project planning for customers
  • Coordinating customer and finalize the baseline in Primavera
  • Must have Site Planning & Billing Experience.
  • Experience in DPR generation, Monthly MIS report.
  • Update the Progress in Primavera , MSP

Quality of Site Planning Engineer

  • The planning engineer must have the following key experiences/knowledge areas to handle site planning and control function :
  • Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring & Controlling the Construction Activities. Handled at least two projects using Primavera P6 software and was able to prepare the schedule of construction.
  • Organize meetings with clients, contractors, vendors etc.
  • Resource/Time/Contract Management, MIS Reporting.
  • Coordination between site & office.
  • Track the site progress/receipt of material as per site requirement.
  • Handling interface issues.
  • Provide all site details to PM for Change/Claim Management.
  • Document Management.

Duties Of Planning Engineer

  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Reporting
  • Project Coordination
  • Communication with Team and Stakeholders
  • Process Improvement

Various Responsibilities of Planning Engineers Need to Perform in a Day

  1. The main responsibility of the planning engineer is to provide information to the Project Manager and the Project team in order to complete the project on time and within budget. This information is used by project managers to make decisions for the smooth execution of the project.
  2. By first describing the activities involved in the project, fitting those in with the timelines, calculating the materials, manpower, and machinery needed in the time frame assigned, he creates the necessary information.
  3. Their typical role in small projects is to handle all the office work, including, but not limited to, hiring contractors, issuing work orders, billing, and coordinating with clients.
  4. Establish a schedule for the entire project (using Primavera, MS Project, etc.,) within the defined timelines.
  5. Optimizing the material requirements, the manpower requirements and the machinery requirements.
  6. Set up various budget headings for the project to keep track of expenses and produce a budget plan.
  7. Make sure all operational requirements for projects are accurate and that all investment objectives are met.
  8. An assessment of all system capacity and an analysis of all production requirements and system deficiencies is required.
  9. Ensure compliance with capital expenditure plans and asset investment plans.
  10. Preparation of project closure reports and learnings.
  11. Planning various strategies for all project activities.
  12. Conduct an analysis of all internal and external engineering activities.
  13. All regulatory agencies require that you prepare required presentations.
  14. Planning projects need to be developed to enhance their performance.
  15. Ensure that all communications are managed and that all feedback is efficient.
  16. Utilize all standard tools and processes to the fullest extent possible.
  17. All project delivery plans and schedules must be prepared.
  18. Provide constructive suggestions, ensure that all project schedules are of the highest quality, and evaluate the reports.
  19. Analyze all schedule trends on a regular basis.
  20. Analyze all software tools, maintain efficient schedules, and contribute to the transmission and distribution of various projects.

Important skill To Become  Planning Engineer After Civil Engineering

  • Planning and project management skills.
  • Strong multitasking abilities.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Strong analytical, critical, and logical thinking skills.
  • A sound understanding of safety protocols.
  • Ability to focus under pressure and meet deadlines

Required Qualification for Planning Engineer

  • Employers generally require a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
  • Diploma in civil engineering with at least 3-5 years of experience.
  • Employers typically require three years of professional engineering experience and technical knowledge of project management software.

Related FAQ

Q1.What are the skills of planning Engineer?

Various Skills of Planning Engineer is Listed Below
1. Planning and project management skills.
2. Strong multitasking abilities.
3. A valid driver’s license.
4. Strong analytical, critical, and logical thinking skills.
5. A sound understanding of safety protocols.
6. Ability to focus under pressure and meet deadlines

Q2. What are 5 responsibilities of a Planning engineer?

Important role of Planning Engineer listed below
1. Project Execution
2. Project Monitoring and Reporting
3. Project Coordination
4. Communication with Team and Stakeholders
5. Process Improvement

3. What is the role of senior planning engineer?

1. Planning various strategies for all project activities.
2. Ensure compliance with capital expenditure plans and asset investment plans.
3. Analyze all schedule trends on a regular basis.
4. Conduct an analysis of all internal and external engineering activities.
5. Optimizing the material requirements and the manpower requirements.

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