Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring | Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite Flooring | Granite Floor Tiles 2022

It is no secret that granite flooring is one of the most popular choices among these gorgeous and durable materials. Granite is seen in the hallways and lobbies of mansions, luxury hotels, and skyscrapers. Due to its durability and strength, it is one of the most reliable flooring options.

Granite Flooring

If you are looking for a material that is both attractive and durable, as well as a smart and valuable investment, granite is the ideal choice. Granite is a great flooring material, even though it is more commonly associated with worktops and backsplashes.

It is common for homeowners to overlook granite as a flooring material when the material is used for worktops in the kitchen and bathroom. It is advisable to install granite tiles on your floors regardless of whether your countertops are made from engineered stone or laminate.

What is Granite Flooring?

Granite is made up of feldspar and quartz, so it appears dazzling. You can find granite slabs and tiles in both honed and brushed styles, so they can be used in almost any room.

This high-pressure, time-consuming process results in granite, which is generally solid and robust. Granite is formed by cooling molten rock beneath.

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Granite is more rigid and stains well than any other flooring material, even marble. It is less porous than marble and does not require sealing if used in a moisture-proof environment.

There are a few things required during the installation of granite flooring, including plastic spacers, a wet saw, backer board, screws, a notched trowel, a rubber mallet, grout floats, grout sponges, penetrating grout sealer, a paper towel.

The beauty of granite flooring rivals that of most other tile materials; it is a bit pricey and heavy, and it must be installed by professionals. Granite flooring is eco-friendly because it is made of natural stone.

Granite Floor Tiles

There are over 50 different colour patterns available for our premium surface granite tile selection. The overall resiliency, strength, and variety of colours make granite tiles a popular choice.

Advantages Of Granite Flooring

Some major advantages of granite flooring are described below,

1. High Durability

Granite tiles are durable and have been shown to outlast tiles made from common materials. If you want a long-lasting material for your home or office, Granite tiles are the best option.

The durability of granite makes it great for outdoor use. Granite can last for decades when sealed properly and cleaned properly. It is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and virtually unbreakable.

2. Water and Moisture Resistant

Providing granite pavers and tiles are properly sealed, they can effectively resist floor damage and health hazards. Granite is extremely water and moisture-resistant.

A granite tile is a great option for damp areas, preventing any moisture damage to your subfloor. Granite tile produces an almost impenetrable barrier to liquids, which makes it an excellent choice for damp areas.

3. Heat Resistant

Due to granite’s heat resistance, it keeps you cool even when you are walking barefoot on your floor in the summer. Granite floors are ideal for in-floor heating systems owing to this property.

4. Different Color Options

There are several common colours of granite because it is formed naturally through volcanic processes involving minerals and temperatures. White, black, beige, brown, blue, and red are the most common colours.

The appearance of granite has been sculpted over millions of years by Mother Nature, and each block of granite mined from quarries around the world has its own unique characteristics.

There are so many varieties of granite flooring tiles and granite tiles countertops to choose from that you can find something that matches your style and complements your current decor.

5. Stain Resistant Material

If you have granite countertops, matching granite floor tiles is a great idea to keep your cabinets stain-free. Granite is widely used as a food preparation surface because of its stain resistance.

It’s easy to clean granite tile spills if the granite has been properly sealed. If you’re not sure how to clean granite and natural stone floors, use Granite Gold Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner before a stain develops.

6. Various Color Options

Several colours and patterns can be found in granite because it is formed by volcanic processes that involve a wide range of minerals and temperatures. The most common colours are white, black, beige, brown, blue, and red.

There are a variety of tile options available for your floors, including granite, one of the most popular countertops. Mother Nature carved granite over millions of years, and each block collected from quarries has its own unique look and feel.

7. Easy Cleaning

The granite floor can easily be maintained by wiping it daily with a clean and wet cloth. If stains are very stubborn, you may need to add a soap solution to the warm water.

Avoid bleaching or cleaning products containing ammonia or bleach, solvents, or caustic solvents. They will remove the sealant, allowing stains to form on the floor.

8. Property Value Enhancement

Granite flooring stone can boost the value of the property. Granite tile flooring is mostly chosen for bathroom floors and kitchen countertops. Therefore, houses with granite tiles have a higher value.

Disadvantages of Granite Flooring

The following are granite flooring disadvantages,

1. Granite is Heavy

Granite is a very heavy stone, so be cautious when using it for your kitchen worktops. You need to make sure there is sufficient support underneath to prevent Granite tiles from falling and damaging the space.

1. Difficult To Install

In comparison to other flooring options, granite is the most expensive to install. Granite flooring are extremely difficult to install and are quite expensive.

It is necessary to use care when laying tiles because an uneven floor may lead to cracking. The weight of the stone makes the task of laying the tiles more difficult.

Before installing the granite tiles, your installer must ensure that the floor is level before placing them. If you want the best results, you shouldn’t install the granite floor yourself.

The hardness of granite makes it difficult to cut, so if your installer needs to cut pieces to fit odd spaces, this will add to the workload.

2. Expensive Flooring 

The cost of installing granite floor tiles in a small room, such as a bathroom, should be at least a few thousand Rupees since granite flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

3. Maintenance is Time Consuming

Granite requires very little maintenance, but it is very delicate. Whenever maintenance is needed, it takes a lot of time. Granite is sensitive to chemicals, so it must be handled carefully.

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