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Steel Rate Per Kg Today in India | Steel Price October 2022 | Best Steel Rate Today

In this article, we discuss the latest price of Steel Rate Per Kg Today in India of various brands in your local market. A table is given in this post which gives an idea about the steel rate.

Steel is the most common tensile material which is used for construction purposes on the basis of various grades of concrete. While constructing your own house one of the essential construction materials is steel and it plays a crucial role in the cost of construction so it is essential to know Steel Rate Per Kg Today.

TMT Steel Rate Per Kg Today

After the lockdown steel market went very high and construction is most affected due to the inflation of rate. In this quarter of 2022 steel rates show minimum rate changes.

All the rate details are given in the table which is updated on a daily basis if any changes have been made by the steel bar company. But we also kept an eye on the local market Steel Price per kg.

Steel Price Per Kg October 2022

Steel prices have nearly doubled during the last few years in India, reflecting increasing steel prices globally. The hike in Steel Price Per Kg mainly depends upon raw materials like iron and coal.

The government also cut the production of steel to control the bad impact on the environment. All steel factories use coal as fuel which produces carbon dioxide.

Steel Price per kg Today

The steel price updated on the official website is given below, you can click on the direct link to see the price.

Brand NameOfficial Price page link
Tata Tiskon Steel bar priceClick here
Vizag Steel bar priceClick Here
Kamdhenu Steel Bar PriceClick Here
Sail Steel Rate bar priceClick Here
Mongia Steel Bar Price Click Here
According to official Website :Steel Price per kg Today

Steel Rate Per Kg Today

The following are the Top brands of TMT Steel Price Per Kg of various dia.,

All rates are in Per Kg, price may vary in your local market all rates are taken at a standard rate.

Steel Brand6 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25mm
Tata Tiscon Steel90868483838282
Jindal Panther Steel87848382828181
Kamdhenu Steel8684.583838282
Sail Steel85.58582.5828181
Vizag Steel87858282828181
Prime Gold Steel84.583.282828181
Shyam Steel86848280808080
JSW Steel Ltd.90868483838181
Radha TMT 550D85.58584838181
Mongia Steel74817980797979
Market rate may be differSteel Rate Per Kg

Steel Rate Per Piece Today

The following are the Top 10 brands of TMT Steel Price Per Piece of various dia.,

Steel Brand6 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25mm
Tata Tiscon Steel240409627886157724653843
Jindal Panther Steel234402615873155224263782
Kamdhenu Steel408626884157424603841
Sail Steel410625895158924843872
Vizag Steel232403610875156623903730
Prime Gold Steel400616875155624333792
Shyam Steel233398608859153023903725
JSW Steel Ltd.242410628887157824673846
Radha TMT 550D405633895160025003907
Mongia Steel198385592855151523753700
Steel Price Per Piece

Factor Which affects Steel Rate Per Kg Today

Domestic Demand and Supply

The latest moody’s report shows that the demand for steel bars increased after the covid pandemic. India’ Steel market is the second largest producer in the world, the demand for steel is growing by 11.4% in finished steel consumption which is 65.5 million tonnes in October 2022.

Domestic demand for steel is growing at a very high rate in the coming year because the infrastructure of India is on a boom due to ahead of India’s national elections in 2024.

Prices of Raw Material and Availability

The raw material of steel is the biggest player to decide the rate of steel in the market. In the previous month due to the low mining process steel availability quantity is very low in the local market, due to which Steel Price Per Kg is going high.

Cost of Energy and Power

The main source of energy in the steel manufacturing plant is coal. The cost variation of steel directly depends on the energy and power source used in factories.

We know that coal and oil prices increase day by day due to this inflation in energy and power cost steel manufacturing costs also affecting.

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