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Kota Stone Flooring | Kota Stone Tiles | Types of Kota Stone Flooring

Kota stone flooring gives good finishes to your floor at a low cost. types of Kota stone flooring are available in various shapes and sizes and are cheaper than other flooring materials like Granite and Marble.

Due to the cheap availability and different size options, Kota stone is best for every homeowner and contractor. 

In this post, I will discuss the Kota Tile Flooring method and various types of Kota stone flooring with the charges of Kota stone flooring installation.

Kota Stone Flooring

This type of stone is generally available in the small Kota district of Rajasthan state of India. Kota stone is well known for its attractive colours and design with various shapes and sizes.

This flooring material travels all over India from Rajasthan (Kota), hence theoretically not so eco-friendly. Still, being natural limestone and suited to every environmental condition, it fares better than most local options.

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Kota Stone Tile

Kota Stone is a natural Limestone that originated from Ramganj Mandi Near the Kota District of Rajasthan (India). Its high durability and cheaply available in the local market make it the most extensively used material in both the exteriors and interiors of houses and commercial shops.

It is an excellent building flooring stone for humid regions and freezing regions, and it is non-porous and non-observant to water.

Types of Kota Stone Flooring

Kota stone is available in different shapes, finishes and sizes and can easily merge with everything. The type of Kota stone flooring generally depends on the colour and finishing of various sizes of stones.

Some important Types of Kota Stone Flooring are

  1. Green Kota stone flooring
  2. Rough Kota stone flooring
  3. Polished Kota stone flooring
  4. Yellow Kota stone flooring
  5. Grey Kota stone flooring
  6. Leather finish Kota stone flooring
  7. Brown Kota stone flooring
  8. Red Kota stone flooring
  9. White Kota stone flooring

The most used types of Kota stone flooring are described below:

  1. Green Kota stone flooring
  2. Polished Kota stone flooring
  3. Brown Kota stone flooring

Kota Stone Flooring Design

We Discuss previously that Kota stone gives a natural look to the floor of a luxurious house. When discussing the types of Kota stone, we found various colours and textures in Kota Stone Flooring Design.

Some best examples with images of Kota stone flooring Design are given below

1. Single Colour Kota Stone Flooring Design

The simple design of Kota flooring is to keep stone of a single colour it may be White, Green, Brown, Blue, Grey and many more. Generally, grey and green Kota stone are preferred to make a simple flooring design.

2. Various Colour Kota Stone Flooring Design

We have various options for colour in the case of coloured flooring design. Use mix colour Kota stone to give the luxurious look to various floors of buildings like Bedrooms, Living rooms, kitchens etc.

3. Kota Stone Flooring Design with Grass

Kota stone is installed in the gap and the gap fills with small size grass which greenery looks to the floor. these types of flooring are done in the garden and entry from the main gate.

Related FAQ

Which IS code for Kota Stone flooring?

for stone flooring we use IS 1130 but for Kota Stone no specific code.

How to clean Kota stone flooring?

Kota stone is a hard stone you can easily clean with normal water but in case of oily waste, you use some detergent or chemical to clean the floor.

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